My first post and Brick Lane.

This is my first post and to be honest I have been putting it off for quite a while now, as the perfectionist in me was never happy with any draft that I made. But then I had a good word with myself and thought It will never take off if I just don’t give it a go. So here goes. I make many a visit to Brick Lane, as it inspires me greatly with both my fashion sense and photography ideas. Every corner you turn there is something new to look at, with it’s colourful and creative grafitti, posters or brightly painted shops. Whether you’re into vintage, a market bargain or just high street fashion, you can find it all here along with grabbing ideas from the person walking next to you. So here are my first set of photos, I hope you enjoy them.


David Selor

David Selor

David Selor

David Selor

045 050052Screenshot_2014-08-31-23-27-59_zps6oqidjvt054 055056 057


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