India 2016 Part 1 (Oman stopover)

Back in february this year I was extremely lucky to have been given the chance to go to India. Well basically it was another one of those, you’re coming it’s booked moments. Which I suppose I should be grateful I have friends who do this, but I swear they will end up bankrupting me one day. 

It was fantastic to be able to escape part of the UK winter and explore some beautiful winter sun. On route we had a 24 hour stopover in Muscat, Oman. First impressions were how surprised I was how busy the roads were. We were stuck in thick heavy traffic for most of our journey to our hotel and the jerky movements from our taxi driver meant I arrived with extreme car sickness. This was a shame as I missed out on the luxury buffet breakfast. Despite my nausea I did have time to notice how clean and pretty the city was and how most of the buildings were white and low rise, not a skyscraper in sight. The streets were also lined with gorgeous colourful flowers, which after a long winter back home was refreshing and lovely to see. To be honest we didn’t really have much time to explore as we also wanted a quick 2 hours by the pool just to feel some sun on our bones and defrost from the cold back home. After our quick sunbathing session we headed into town where our taxi driver gave us a quick tour of the city. It was actually too quick to take anything in but nevertheless gave us a little taster. 


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