India part 4 (More Delhi)

The next day we decided to go to the Sikh Temple, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. This is the biggest Sikh place of worship in New Delhi. 

Here, again, we were asked to remove our shoes and were given bright yellow headscarfs to wear. We found it very funny that the first person we had an encounter with was our tour guide from yesterday. We couldn’t stop laughing as he had asked us if he could take us there himself but we had politely refused as we wanted to do the rest of a tour by ourselves. How bizarre that of all the people living in this over crowded city we would bump into him again.

Sikh temples are called Gurdwara’s, meaning “Doorway to God” Unfortunately inside the temple photographs are forbidden but we took some outside and met some wonderful people who wanted to have their photo taken with us, which was very sweet and made us feel like movie stars. 

Everyday in Sikh temples, volunteers and workers cook free vegetarian meals for anyone who wants a meal, regardless of class, religion or background. It was such a beautiful place, welcoming, friendly and extremely calming. We left feeling refreshed and ready to face the noise and bustle from the streets once more. 

The rest of my photos are just a random selection of our final day in Delhi.



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