India Part 7 (Udaipur)

After the Taj Mahal, where we spent the whole morning taking in every magical moment we headed back to our hotel, for some much needed relaxation and sunbathing by the pool. It was so nice to finally do nothing.

 That evening we had to catch our train to Udaipur. However, when we got to the station we discovered once again that the protests hadn’t stopped and all the trains were still all cancelled. We really were truly stuck, as Udaipur was an 11 hour train ride away we had no idea how we were going to get there. After exploring all options and some well sort after advice from the locals, our best bet was to catch the bus. Little did we know this bus would take well over 16 hours to reach our destination. The bus was dirty, dusty and fully cramped with people and luggage laying practically anyway there was a space.There were literally people sleeping on the floor so everyone had to step on them to get past.There was no toilet facilities either, so it was legs crossed all the way. Three of us had a sleeper bed to share and the other who was suffering from the horrid delhi belly was sat squashed with a family on another sleeper bed. Luckily a very kind man looked after her and kept her company.At first we laughed about it and amused ourselves for part of the journey, but the second half proved to be a lot more arduous as tiredness and hungar set in. It felt like we were on that bus for a week it simply took forever. 

When we did eventually arrive we were exhausted, filthy and bedraggled. It was still quite early in the morning and we only had one day in Udaipur, which was probably one of our biggest regrets as not only were we extremley fatigued but Udaipur was possibly one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. It almost felt like we were in the mediterranean, our hotel over looking the Lake Pichola, which resembled the beautiful lakes of Italy. It was such a welcome surprise and one place I really would like to go back and re-explore properly.

With the remaining hours we visited the City Palace and The Jagdish Temple and took in the film location of the bond film Octopussy. 



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