India Part 9 (Jaipur- The final leg)

Jaipur would be our last stop before flying back to Delhi and home to London. Luckily we had almost a week here so no rushing around and keeping to schedules. We were getting a train here and finally this one was not cancelled. I was actually excited to have this experience, especially as we had missed out on all the other journeys. This was an over night train where we had our own cabin with four beds, except the grumpy man at the train station gave us 3 tickets  in one cabin and one other in the cabin next door. The annoying thing was, was that there was a gentleman also in our cabin who wouldn’t swap with our odd ticket. So rather than being split up we decided to share one of the bunk beds, which obviously had to be me being the smallest, this resulted in a rather uncomfortable sleep, well lack of, as I also panicked we might miss our stop. Despite this, this would otherwise have been a rather fun adventure. 

When we arrived at our hotel we were amused to see our beds all lined in a row with cute gingham sheets looking like a scene from goldilocks and the three bears, very funny and very sweet. 

Jaipur was another one of those crazy busy cities. The largest city of Rajasthan , known as the Pink City, famous for its terracotta pink walls that surround the city. It’s colourful and vibrant atmosphere was truely captivating with markets, jewellery, art, the beautiful textiles and most importantly the majestic forts and palaces. 

Our first day was already arranged before our arrival where we were to take The Dera Amer Elephant Safari.

Here in the stunning landscape and serene and peaceful setting, we were made to feel welcome with refreshments and stunning views of the country side. There is a lot of speculation that the elephants are mistreated in these kind of environments but I can honestly say that here they were very looked after and cared for. The elephants are in as natural surroundings as can be and are only allowed a couple of rides a day. So as not to over tire them. We were the only people there that day so that definitely made it feel a more unique and enjoyable experience. So here we got to ride the elephants for a 45 minute trek through the beautiful setting and then later paint their trunks in the vivid and fluorescent paints. I was excited by this as for a long time I admired the lovely decorative patterns and eye catching designs, again from my pinterest boards I had collected before the trip. Unfortumately the painting proved not to be as easy as it looked and our joint group effort looked pretty shocking. The poor elephant, I apologise for not letting you look so pretty. Also included in our package  was a buffet style lunch, with lots of homemade tasty dishes using organic vegetables that are grown on the site. It was a shame the meal was slightly wasted on us, as a couple of the group were still sick and also my dislike for curry, as I had mentioned in a previous post, however there was still food I could eat that was equally as yummy.

I would highly recommend this experience and definitely say it was one of the highlights of my trip.

Later that day after getting back to our hotel we just grabbed the closest tuk tuk and went for a stroll through the city. Getting stopped by literally everyone who wanted to sell us Sari’s and Pashminas, and other colourful assortment of fabrics and nik naks. We were delighted that we stumbled across the Hawa Mahal Palace, also known as the Palace of the winds. This was stunning. 

And so over the next few days of our stay in Jaipur we visited the many forts and palaces this city is famous for. These included

  • City Palace
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Amer Fort
  • Panna Meena Ka Kund

We also visited the Taj Rambagh Palace hotel where we had lunch on our last day on the wonderful lawns and gardens where they filmed part of the “The best exotic Marigold Hotel”. It was so nice there we decided to go back that night where they had a restaurant named Steam which was on board a train on the hotel grounds. We decided to go in our fancy dress costumes that Andrew had bought us. It was a fun way to round off the trip and go over all the crazy adventures we had enjoyed and experienced over the last few weeks before we flew back to Delhi and back home to London. I think I needed another holiday after this for sure. 


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