Paphos, Cyprus

I have visited Paphos three times, now I am not usually one for going back to the same place twice, but a good friend of mine has an apartment which allows me a cheap and cheerful break in the sunshine. I tend to go out of season when flights are ridiculously low and I get to experience warm sunny weather before we either start or lose our summer.

This year Paphos has been named Culture Capital of the year. So there has been a lot of work involved, mainly in the Old Town where most of the roads have been dug up and new pavements have been replaced. The town is very quiet and slightly eerie but I can imagine by the time the summer arrives it will bring with it a great bustling and thriving atmosphere. 

The apartment I stay in is located in the Old Town where it is nice to stay away from the more touristy harbour, and there are plenty of lovely restaurants within walking distance. My favourite bar/restaurant is the wonderful Muse Bar. A trendy type modern bar with stunning views, a fantastic atmosphere and an extensive menu. The portions are huge and the cocktails are delicious. If you do prefer to be more into the harbour scene, you can catch the most wonderful sunsets, this is worth a trip on it’s own.

If you want to explore further afield and visit a lot more of what the island has to offer I think renting a car would be a really good option. The prices are reasonable and gives you the flexibility to do your own thing. However there are plenty of buses that can take you around that are all cheap and reliable. 

Paphos has a couple of great archaelogical parks to visit, so if you are looking for some culture as well as topping up your tan, I would highly recommend The Tombs of the Kings and The Archeological site situated down by the harbour. During the springtime these are both covered in the most beautiful flowers, including stunning red popppies. 

Here is a collection of my photo’s from my recent visit in March, where the weather certainly didn’t disappoint. 


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